Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Kristina Georgia Snow is a bright-eyed straight-A student and an obedient daughter. She is quiet. She is smart. She is shy.

Kristina Georgia Snow is perfect.

Bree is a free-spirited party-goer and boy-crazy player. She is popular. She is sexy. She is wild.

Bree is free.

On a trip to Albuquerque to visit her divorced, deadbeat father, Kristina meets the monster. The monster changes her, makes her stronger, makes her better. The monster turns her into Bree.

Kristina is introduced to Crank, or meth, her junior year of high school. Hooked from the start, she struggles through a complete transformation, becoming the woman of her dreams: Bree. Battling depression, illness, bullies, and heartbreakers, she journeys to figure out whether the monster is worth it.

The monster has it’s hands around her throat.

But the monster is so alluring, so delicious, so satisfying. But it’s not, is it?

You may not always want the monster, but the monster always wants you.

“Crank” receives four stars out of five.

Crank is written uniquely and sincerely, gathering raw emotion and stringing it into perfect rhythm, each page following the heartbeat of poetry.  The horrors of drugs are painted in a very real, heartfelt manner, teaching without being preachy or mundane. This is the story of a young woman battling the terrors of meth and experiencing the very real consequences.


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