Hello all!

My name is Taegan and this is my blog, Rise Shine Bake.

I always love learning about how people come about their hobbies, so here’s a little story about my journey becoming a baker:

I’ve always loved baking. When I was four my grandpa built a miniature play-kitchen next to the real one so that my grandma and I could bake together. She stocked the teensy-weensy cabinets with all things sugary and then watched while I showed her how cooking was done. I very decidedly placed every sweet item within my reach into a large bowl, whisked it all together, placed it into a serving dish, and expectantly handed it out to every member of the family. Showing no mercy, I waited impatiently in front of them until they had eaten a good amount of what I’d given them and shared their verdict. Their smiles as genuine as ever, they announced that it was one of the best dishes they’d ever eaten. Even today they continue to support me and show their appreciation for my passion, though they’ve thankfully become more honest and open with their opinions. My wonderful grandparents have eaten more mega-sugary concoctions made by my small pudgy hands than I care to admit, and for this encouragement I am forever greatful.

My parents also played a huge role in my growth as a baker. They love being in the kitchen, and never left my younger brother and me out of the process. We would always make a special Sunday breakfast, like biscuits and gravy or waffles with homemade whipped cream and fresh strawberries, and make sure that we did our part to make the meal as enjoyable as possible. It’s a tradition we’ve held onto for many years, and one that will hopefully pass on to the next generation. Now we try more challenging recipes, or try to make fancier what has become a staple. My parents taught me one of the most important lessons a chef should learn. Cooking is fun. Though it’s good that we strive to be better chefs, we have to keep in mind that we bake because it’s enjoyable. Today, when I mess up a recipe big-time, I might stress out a little, but can now  laugh at myself and remember that there’s always tomorrow.

I started this blog because I love writing and baking. And if I get to eat a bit along the way, well, I think I’ll be okay with that too. I’m ready to learn a lot, make a multitude of mistakes, and just have fun with it. Even though I’m young, I’m willing to work hard to become a greater chef and baker. I’m ready to take any challenge head-on. I would absolutely love to manage my very own bakery or restaurant and share my passion for cooking and baking with the rest of the world.

I hope you enjoy my blog! Thank you!

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, my email is riseshinebake@gmail.com


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